specializes in fast and high-quality closing of IT vacancies of any complexity, technology and territorial affiliation.

Our base of 50,000 Ukrainian IT specialists and a team of experienced IT recruiters who professionally own search tools allows us to quickly provide high-quality services for the development of IT companies’ business, as well as help startups become successful through building teams and creating HR departments.

Our credo is long-term and responsible cooperation!

Our specialization:
Java, JavaScript, .Net, C#, C++, C, Python, PHP, Go (Golang), SQL, Swift, Ruby, Objective-C, Scala и т.д.


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The base of more than 50,000 specialists of Ukraine.
  • Experience in closing different positions in technology and skill levels.
  • Experience HH and close specific positions.
  • Development of documentation and implamentation of recruiting departments in companies.
  • Consulting and attracting experts? speakers? mentors? spesialists from related industries.
  • Help in structuring a business, creating startups and attracting resources.
  • Organization and conduct of training.


The activities of the KAgency IT recruting company actually began in April 2016. Head of HR Advanced Communities Ekaterina Sheldagaieva decided to create an IT recruting company that would provide a full range of business development services in IT.

«People are the only necessary resourse for IT».

Since 2016 our company has been providing IT specialists with branches of foreing companies in Ukrain, product IT companies, startups, the government sector as well as specialists in relocate to other countries.

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